When I first created this bra my vision was a super comfortable bra that was breathable, cooling and non restrictive (menopause) 🙂 

Not knowing the impact it would have in helping thousands of ladies.   

I quickly started receiving reviews and personal emails from ladies on how it was helping with pain, scaring, skin conditions and chemotherapy to name a few.   

As the demand grew it became very obvious that there were many ladies who needed this type of bra in a bigger cup size and as a mother of very busty daughters I could so relate. 


We now have 4 designs from XS to 4XL A to G cup and have been able to make over 100,000 bras in our Perth factory in the last 3 years. 


I wanted to create a high quality product with a feminine design. 

Sewing all the elastic internally to create a soft smooth finish has eliminated the irritation to scar tissue areas and skin conditions. 

The super soft compression fit design moulds to your body shape to help with uneven breasts due to breast cancer surgery, back / shoulder pain, sloping shoulders, scoliosis to name a few. 

Having no clips or adjustable straps has enabled so many of our customers to regain their independence. Ladies that have lost movement in their hands, arms or shoulders can easily step into this bra and pull it up themselves.  


It all started with a bra and now I get to meet all the beautiful ladies that come into my store and see firsthand how a product I created has changed their lives.