EVOE Australia clothing items are made locally with the environment and the people wearing them in mind. This means that there's a tonne of love and care in each and every item. Now to avoid the love escaping there's a few thing's we recommend you do to ensure your clothes stay just as great as the person wearing them!

Washing Do's

- Always read the care label and washing instructions before washing your clothes.
- Organise by colour groups with similar wash care instructions.
- The care label washing temperature is the highest permitted temperature, washing at a lower temp is preferred over a higher if unsure.
- Rinse swimwear immediately after use and do not wring.
- Turn garment inside out before washing. 

- After washing, simply turn garments inside out, shake out the creases, and pop them on a hanger to dry to avoid peg marks. 


Label Instructions

You will find a label just like this one on all your products which can be followed to ensure the specific item is looked after in the way that best prolongs it's life and gives it the best look and feel.