‘Made in Australia’ is the key that sets EVOE Australia apart.

Operating from our local facility poses its own challenges, but we have invested in this as a way to further sustainability and promote eco-conscious manufacturing. After our international factory visits, we became convinced that the only way to be 100% certain that ethical standards are adhered to is establishing a local plant. Our staff work under Fair Work Australia contracts, and we ensure a healthy working environment for all.


Our natural fabric choices are a straightforward way to implement sustainability and reduce our environmental footprint. Synthetic (man-made) fabrics - including polyester and nylon - are made from chemicals and harmfully impact workers, the surrounding environment and trickle into the whole ecosystem.

EVOE Australia chooses to use organic and recycled materials, limiting our environmental impact without compromising quality.

Our organic cotton originates from a certified organic mill in Australia, while our recycled fabrics come from a reputable mill in Italy. Investing in long-lasting, well-made clothing is an essential step to building a more sustainable wardrobe.

To minimise our internal waste, EVOE Australia recycles and uses 99% of our fabric offcuts elsewhere. We can sleep easier at night knowing the cutting room is up to standard too.


Why Organic Cotton?

We love cotton, but it is not all created equally. While cotton is a natural fibre, it uses an overwhelming amount of water to grow and requires the assistance of pesticides and fertilisers. Organic cotton, however, is produced with the environment in mind - there are no toxic chemicals or genetic modifications, water is conserved (using approximately 88% less water). This cycle benefits the whole ecosystem, from insects to farmers and you.

EVOE Australia’s Organic Cotton

Our Organic Cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, which assures it is processed sustainably and socially-conscious. We partner with an eco-aware, certified organic factory for all our knitting and dyeing. Solar power helps run the plant, and a 5-stage water treatment recycles 85% of all water used there.

Organic cotton is extremely comfortable and breathable; it’s a necessity in your everyday wardrobe.

Modal (Luxe Collection)

What is Lenzing™ Modal?

We love Lenzing™ Modal for its soft, silky and breathable nature, all while maintaining eco-friendly credibility. The fibre will keep you cool and put-together, particularly during the warmer months, with a lightweight feel and luxurious drape.

Lenzing™ Modal is harvested from sustainably-managed beech tree plantations in Austria and surrounding European countries. This specific process uses fewer toxins and is revolutionising the industry through minimising emissions and conserving resources.

EVOE Australia’s Modal

Our Lenzing™ Modal is knitted and dyed in an organic-certified mill based in Australia. The mill prioritises the environment in all areas with solar panels and an entire water treatment plant that recycles 85% of the water used.

EVOE Australia’s Modal range holds FSC® (FSC-C041246) and PEFC™ (PEFC/06-33-92) certifications, proving the material is derived from sustainable sources. It is also certified under Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ensuring no harmful substances are present.


Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is one of our favourite sustainable fibres: it is fast-growing, highly water-efficient, and naturally abundant. Its unique pest-resistant quality means fertilisers and pesticides aren’t required for optimal growth, and the tree absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen than any other timber. Bamboo is a natural powerhouse.

EVOE Australia’s Spun-Dyed Bamboo

EVOE Australia’s bamboo range is made from a bamboo viscose blend, which offers durability and a soft feel while also being eco-friendly. We love this blend for its many other qualities making for more comfortable wear - the fabric is moisture-wicking, breathable, thermo-regulating, and anti-bacterial.

Our bamboo is EcoCert certified, which means it has been organically grown. It is also certified under Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ensuring no harmful substances are present.

We choose to spin-dye our bamboo, which uses 50% less water than conventional dyeing methods. The process involves the pigment colour added to the spinning mass solution, which infiltrates the entire fibre. We use fewer pigments and chemicals in the process as very little dye is required to make a lasting impact yet still achieve the uniform colour desired. Learn More about the benefits of Bamboo here.


We understand that sustainability doesn’t end with a conscious product; it’s about an encompassing approach that affects all business areas. EVOE Australia only uses clothing packaging and mailing satchels that are fully biodegradable and friendlier on the planet.

A little behind the scene video of our Australian Made factory